After growing up in Texas, my high-school sweetheart (now wife of 13 years) and I relocated to Maryland back in 2005.  Since that time, we have increased the size of our family and now have three adorable little girls who were born in Annapolis.

My wife is a psychologist and I work as an attorney for my “day” job. Prior to law school, I served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.  While I am not a full-time balloon artist, I certainly consider myself a professional balloon artist and I can assure you the professionalism and quality of product I can provide for your event will be exceptional.

A question I get every time I work an event is, “[w]hen and why did you start twisting balloons?” Back in 2008, my sister asked if I would be willing to do a “little” magic show for my twin niece’s fifth birthday party.  While I knew some card tricks, I had never preformed for kids; but, I said yes anyway.  The little birthday party turned into a party with over a 100 people and I found myself spending hours preparing for the event.  In addition to the magic, I decided to learn how to twist a few basic balloons to give as party favors.  The show went great, I had a blast performing, and I discovered I had a knack for balloon sculpting. Some of my friends found out about the show and I was then “volunteered” to do other events.  People started asking for my card (which I did not have then) and my business blossomed.

J.C. Johns