Balloon Decor

“J.C. thanks again for doing the stork and baby balloon. It was a hit at the baby shower!”

Yolanda C.

In addition to sculpting balloons for guests at your event, I can pre-make balloon decorations and deliver them to your doorstep.  By pre-making the balloon sculptures, I am able to make much more complicated items, that would be too time consuming to make at the event itself.  These pieces, custom made to your events specifications, will be noticed and commented on by everyone at your special occasion.

How to Order & Pricing: Balloon decor is very individualized and if you are interested in an item(s) please give me a call and we can discuss.  However, I'll give a few guidelines below to give you an idea on pricing and delivery.  

  • Minimum $150 = for most events, my minimum order for decor must total $150.  This prices includes delivery of the item(s) to an event within 15 miles of Annapolis (zip code 21409).  Most items you can keep, however some items I will need to obtain after the event (such as the frame for balloon arches). 
  • No Minimum if no delivery = if you are willing to come by my house to pick up the item(s), there is no minimum for decor pieces.
  • No Minimum if part of balloon sculpting = if you hire me to sculpt balloon at your event, there is no minimum for making pre-made items (decor) to bring to the event. 
  • Price per item = price varies greatly depending on the complexity of the item.  The below pictures provides example of what individual items typically cost.    


Abstract Table Decor