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Balloon Mega Hats

“ It was ridiculous how much attention we got going out with J.C.’s crazy hats! Be prepared for a constant paparazzi-style barrage of cellphone photos, people striking up conversations, and revelers swarming in to get a better look. I felt like a celebrity having a night out on the town!”

Lauren S.

My goal with Mega Hats is to make the wearer the centerpiece of the room.  These hats are not for the faint-of-heart.  They are large, colorful, and bold. Most people have never seen “things” such as these hats and it is inevitable the wearer will be noticed.

While I can make these hats for any occasion or purpose, they seem to be most popular with adults who will be attending some sort of social gathering.  A few examples of events I have made them for include: bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, sporting events, holiday gatherings, or just a night out on the town.

I thoroughly enjoy the process of making these hats, as they push my skills and are a challenge to make.  A typical hat takes between 1 and 3 hours to make, with a good portion of each hat being “woven” together with different balloons.  Woven hats are comprised of hundreds of separate “balloon pockets,” making them very resilient.  Even if some of the “pockets” pop, the main structure still retains it shape and strength. Also, while the hats are often huge in size, they are mostly made out of air and are incredibly light for their size.

If you are interested in a Mega Hat, contact me and we can discuss ideas on what might be the best type of hat for your needs.