Balloon Sculpting

“Everyone enjoys being handed the balloon sculpture they asked for. But, the real excitement comes from seeing it created before your eyes.”

Roberto G.

For me, the most fun aspect of being a balloon artist is audience interactions.  Balloon twisting is a surprisingly dynamic and engaging process.  A good balloon sculptor engages the audience and makes the process of sculpting as entertaining as the finished product is itself. I perform balloon sculpting for all types of events in the Annapolis, MD and surrounding area.  I can typically accommodate up to 20-25 requests an hour.  These creations are not your one balloon dog, but use multiple balloons for each sculpture made (see the “Basic” balloons in my Portfolio).  If I am given more time or less people, I can make more elaborate creations (see the “Intermediate” and "Advanced" balloons in my Portfolio). I can make balloons while walking or stationary.  I generally prefer being stationary, as I am typically swarmed with people (making it difficult to move) and I am able to bring my larger case (2,000+ balloons) when I do not have to move. My stand provides a list of 10-12 balloon creations I make.  This list is designed to help people think up ideas of things for me to make, but I can make almost anything and I encourage people to ask for items not on the list.  If you have a theme for the event (i.e. – princesses, cars, St. Patrick’s Day, baby shower, etc.), I can try to incorporate the theme into the balloons I make. Learn about my prices.