How soon do I need to book ahead?

You can book at anytime. Some people book me months ahead and some people have called me the same day as the event (which I am glad to do if I am free).

How do I pay you?

I take cash, check, and credit card. If paying by credit card, please let me know ahead of time so I make sure to bring the correct equipment. Payment is due after services rendered.

Is there a deposit?

No deposit or retainer is due. So far I have been lucky and not experienced many last minutes cancelations, so I do not need to burden you with providing me money up front. Payment is due after services rendered.

How do I confirm a date with you?

If you are interested in my services, send me an e-mail or call me. After we communicate and you let me know when you want book my services, I will then send you a confirmation e-mail scheduling the event. It is that simple, not contract, paperwork, etc. to sign.

Is there a minimal/maximum amount of time that I can book you for?

One hour is the minimal amount of time I schedule events. You can book me for as long as you need me (I start to get a little tired after 8 hours of twisting).

How much time should I book?

I typically can make between 20-25 balloons creations an hour. These creations are not your one balloon dog, but use multiple balloons for each sculpture. If you are planning on having more than 20 people wanting balloons, I generally recommend your book me for more than 1 hour. The more time I have and/or less people, the more complicated and impressive creations I can make.

What do you wear / Are you a clown?

I dress pretty casually for events. Generally I wear kakis or shorts and a polo shirt. However, because of the huge and creative balloon sculptures I make, it will be hard to miss me at any event. I don’t do the clown thing, but if you want a clown to twist balloons for your event I can give you some references of clowns in the area.

When should I have you arrive?

For birthday parties, I recommend you book me to arrive ½ hour after the party starts. This way it allows the stragglers to make it to the party before I arrive.

How much space do you need?

When balloon twisting indoors, I need a space about 5 feet x 5 feet to work within. Depending on the size of the party, you then need to be ready for a line or crowd of people to form around my area. If the event is outside and sunny, I can bring my canopy which will then require a setup area measuring 10 feet x 10 feet.

Do I need to provide any equipment for you?

No, I bring everything that is needed.

Do you walk around or are you stationary?

I am set up to be stationary or I can walk around. Typically I stay in one place when making balloons. This is because I am generally swarmed by people requesting balloons, which makes moving around difficult. An exception to this is in restaurants (or other similar type of environment) where people are seated. In such cases, it makes more sense for me to be mobile and make balloons where people are seated.

What age group enjoys balloon twisting?

Good balloon sculpting is for everyone. I perform at a lot of children’s birthday parties, but I also perform at bars, corporate functions, and other adult oriented events. Even at “kid” events, the adults in the area generally stick around to enjoy the balloons being made and marvel at what can be created.

How does balloon twisting work at an event?

I typically bring a stand and set up in a convenient area for a line to form. It only takes me about 5 minutes to set up once I arrive. Generally, a line or circle of people (kids and/or adults) will soon form around me.  Attached to the front of my stand is a list of 10-12 balloon creations I make. This list is designed to help people think up ideas of things for me to make, but I can make almost anything and I encourage people to ask for stuff not on the list. If you have a theme for the event (i.e. – princesses, cars, St. Patrick’s Day, baby shower, etc.), I can try to incorporate the theme into the balloons I make. If there is a person of honor at the event, I will make an extra special sculpture for that person.

I am with a charity, can you come for free and we will pass out your cards?

I receive a lot of request to do many worthwhile charitable events. Regretfully, due to time and resource restraints I am typically unable to work such events without being paid my fee. Two organizations that I regularly donate my time to are The Maryland School for the Blind and Kids Like Us.